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What is ADA Compliance?

The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, requires that all websites comply with certain regulatory provisions which make it possible for web-visitors to access and use the website in question, regardless of whether or not they possess any physical, emotional, or intellectual limitations.
Failure of your Company to ensure that your website meets with ADA compliance standards within the United States is punishable by fines, website termination, and business closure. Additionally, many ADA Lawsuits are now being filed against business ADA Compliance offenders by website visitors with Disabilities whom are not able to properly make use of the business' website.

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Rocket ADA Ensures Compliance

Add the Rocket ADA Compliance Encoder to the specified location on your website and the encoder will automatically correct ADA Compliance Errors as you are building your new site.Protect your company now from a costly lawsuit.  

Setting Things Right

If your website is already established, request a look by one of our Compliance Team Experts. We can manually update, and alter your code to bring non-compliant sites into compliance. (Requires Purchase of Advanced Service Plan) 

No More Lawsuit Worries

ADA Lawsuits cost business owners an average of $50,000, and lawsuit filings are on the rise. Last year, in 2022, more than 15,000 lawsuits were filed for violations of ADA and WCAG Standards.  The number of ADA Compliance lawsuits is expected to jump to over 100,000 for new filings in 2023. That's exponential growth, and a huge threat to small business. 

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Prevent a Lawsuit

(Website Encoder with Setup)

$99.97 +$50 Setup

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(Website Encoder, setup, and monthly monitoring service to ensure ongoing compliance.

Buy $99.97 +$50 Setup +$25 / mo

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(Website review and update by the Compliance Team Experts from The Miller Firms, website encoder setup, and activation.) 

Buy $500 +$1,997 Setup

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advanced + Monitoring

(Website review and update by the Compliance Team Experts from The Miller Firms, website encoder setup, and activation + monthly monitoring to ensure ongoing compliance.) 

Buy $500 +$1,997 Setup +$25/mo

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Protect your Company
with Rocket ADA
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  • Easily Integrated
  • Ensures Compliance
  • ADA, WCAG, and W3C
  • Automatic Updates
  • Complete Service Options
  • Monthly Monitoring Options

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