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With business pulling us in so many directions at once, we understand that business owners don't always have the time and energy needed to build a professional and optimized website for their business. Still, getting this vital marketing and customer service tool completed is so important.

At WebHost Rocket, we have tools in place to help you speed up the process, get it done right, and get it done with Rocket Power Speeds!

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High Powered Pro Templates?

If you are just looking for a jumpstart, but like flexibility of creating and building the website yourself, access our database of pre-formatted (Industry Specific) Done For You Templates. 

Find the Industry

With over 100 Industries in our template archive, your business will be blasting off in no time!

Pick a Style You Like

Within each Industry set, there are multiple style sheets and templates for you to choose from to get going fast! 

Customize for your Business' Brand!

Now that all of the hard parts are complete. Just make it your own and Rocket your way to Success!

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1,000 Templates to Choose From!

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Need a Designer to Work With?

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Whether you just don't have the time, or you're tired of manually managing your business website, the WebDesign Service from WebHost Rocket can help your business soar to new heights. With our lightspeed server hosting and fully integrated website design service, our dedicated designers will help you save time, increase customer engagement, and save money on marketing.

Get started with designing your own system using our database of more than 1,000 Industry Specific web-templates to customize on your own, or hire one of our professional designers to build a beautiful, high-performing website for your business based on the information you provide. The WebDesign Rocket service from WebHost Rocket can help you take control of your online presence by providing the tools and services needed to build a successful website from scratch or migrate your existing site over to our platform.

Our websites are mobile-friendly and responsive, so they look great on all devices. To keep your business running smoothly, we can also provide business tool integrations such as:

Integrated CRM Systems
Appointment Calendars
Blog Manager/Schedule
SMS Text / email marketing

Integrate Your Business

Social Media Manager
Chat Software Interface
Capture Sales Funnels
automated workflows

Just add Rocket Business Tools Service, powered by TW3 Systems,

with your WebDesign order at checkout.

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Why choose WEBHOST ROCKET for your WebDesign ?

Our platform is among the best in the industry!

We offer fully customized solutions to build and manage your website, with blazing fast speeds unmatched in the industry.
US Based Facilities

With four server facilities throughout the United States, WebHost Rocket now has more than 80,000 servers dedicated to ensuring your website uptime is at 99% or better.

Protected Email

Nothing worse than having your emails go to Spam. This most often happens if you get a malicious signup or infected WordPresss installation. With WebHost Rocket, our hosting packages come standard with outbound email filtering, which means these malicious emails never make it out - protecting your deliverability.

Domain Hosting

Whether you already own your domain or need to purchase a new one, WebHost Rocket has your business covered with Standard SSL Certificated included FREE with every domain purchased through our platform.

Dual Proc AMD EPYC & Intel Gold CPUs

In 2020 we began using AMD EPYC CPUs on our higher-end packages and now offer these along with Intel Gold on all of our packages. With websites becoming more dynamic than ever, WebHost Rocket ensures you and your customers have all the power need for perfect website performance!

LightSpeed Server

The industry standard for speed is around 1GB p/s. That wasn’t good enough for us at WebHost Rocket, so we powered it up to 20GB p/s. Now that's Rocket Power!

Domain Transfer

Want to add a domain you already own? No problem. Just point your name servers to ours and we'll connect it for you.

24/7 Support

Our Ticket Support operation is running 24hrs a day with fast turn around times. We have a dedicated support staff doing nothing but answering customer questions and resolving issues, day and night.

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